What is Ice Cricket?

It’s cricket but not as you know it!

Community and Social Aspect

Ice cricket events often have a strong community and social aspect, with local teams and players coming together for friendly matches and tournaments. These events promote camaraderie and help build connections among participants.

Safety Precautions

Safety is a paramount concern in ice cricket due to the slippery surface. Players usually wear appropriate winter clothing, including ice cleats or spikes to prevent slipping. Additionally, the thickness of the ice is carefully monitored to ensure it can support the weight of players and spectators.


The best element about Ice Cricket is that all standards arrive in the hope of winning the tournament, with grand plans and strategies, only to be beaten by a team of no-hopers….. and ironically no one seems to care…. because the true winner is the experience, the fun and meeting so many new friends.

One of best games ever is just cricket on ice!

Person wich tried it!